Pet owners liability

The private liability insurance applies only to smaller animals. If you own a dog, a horse or another large animal, you need a pet owner liability insurance. Only this will help you if your pet is causing expensive damage. Not only you are protected, but all people who have dealings with the four-legged friends.

When does animal husbandry liability take effect?

Your dog rips off while walking and drops a cyclist? Your horse shies and causes a traffic accident? Such accidents are unpredictable and you do not necessarily have to blame for them. But by law, you will have to bear all the costs, if necessary, with all your assets. Therefore, animal husbandry liability insurance is indispensable for every owner of a larger animal.

Dog and horse owners should not take any financial risk and take out animal rights liability insurance. It’s not just about injury inflicted on others directly by the animal. For example, pet owners can also be held liable for consequential damage if someone is frightened by their pet and therefore injured.

Animal keepers liability for your dog

The dog as the best friend of man is indispensable in the lives of many dog ​​owners. Many forget that he is not only a faithful companion, but also an animal that, despite all the educational measures, can still be unpredictable. Biting your dog or running in front of a car can cause horrendous costs. It is also enough for a joyful Schwanzwedler who sweeps the expensive porcelain from the coffee table. The dog liability takes over the damage caused by your four-legged friend.

Super Saver

Pay attention to the liability not only on the basic services, but also inquire about special services. For example, some tariffs offer the free co-insurance of puppies or foals, if the dam is already protected by a pet owner liability insurance.

Animal keeper liability for your horse

The dream of owning a horse can end in a nightmare without animal husbandry, even if no one believes in it. Often it is simply not thought to protect with an animal husbandry liability insurance financial damage that can bring about the horse. If your horse breaks out and causes damage, a horse insurance will be taken out. Also with all other damages, which are due to the animal, you can rely on your insurance.

Duty to animal liability

In some regions, the conclusion of a dog liability insurance is required by law – more precisely in five federal states. In addition, most owners of so-called dangerous dogs must prove appropriate liability insurance. In principle, every dog ​​owner should opt for a pet owner liability, because it has many, important benefits.

A compulsory insurance for horse owners does not exist. However, the liability insurance for pet owners is a very important and almost indispensable insurance for horse owners, if one day they do not want to be alone exposed to the financial consequences of a proverbial misstep of the horse.

Editorial Tip

Personal, property and pecuniary losses caused by larger animals often cause costs in the millions. Therefore, pay attention to a high amount of cover for animal husbandry liability. Otherwise, the costs incurred will quickly exceed the benefits of the insurance and you will have to pay for the difference itself.

Cancel liability

If insured persons are dissatisfied with their liability, they can cancel it at any time at the end of the insurance year. However, it is inevitable to keep the notice period in mind. It usually lasts for three months . Ordinary and extraordinary dismissals must always be in writing.

In addition to the described possibility, there is another: the extraordinary termination. In order for policyholders to be able to terminate their contract without regard to the duration of the contract or notice period, termination must be preceded either by a premium increase or a claim. Within one month after the mentioned events the termination is possible.

If the insured animal dies, the insurance expires immediately. Sometimes the insurer demands a veterinary confirmation.

Cost of liability for pet owners

The costs of your pet owner liability depend on several factors. In addition to the amount of coverage and the number of animals to be insured, the nature of the four-legged friend and of course the provider are crucial. Any additional benefits or the amount of the deductible can influence your contributions. Owners of dangerous dogs or so-called fighting dogs often have to dig deeper than holders of allegedly harmless four-legged friends.

Generally, a non-co-op liability insurance with 105 to 130 euros is more expensive than a dog liability insurance, which costs between 65 and 85 euros per year.